What do you do?

Beck Insights reengineers small businesses to help them optimize. Most small businesses are started by good tacticians – they’re good at what the business does and decided to open their own shop. But running a business effectively and efficiently takes more than just industry knowledge. Beck Insights helps structure your business operations for success and “makes the trains run on time”.

Why do I need you?

There are many reasons businesses engage Beck Insights. In the past we’ve helped growing companies streamline their employee onboarding process, change their operating model to be more efficient and offer clients more choices, and standardize and improve processes to provide consistent service to customers, run more efficiently, and increase value. These are just some of the ways we can help you but, in a nutshell, we just make your business run smoother.

Is my business ready for your services?

That depends – are you looking to increase your free time to add customers and grow or maybe enjoy some time off? Are you looking to provide more consistent service to customers? Are you tired of answering the same questions and solving the same problems regularly? Are you planning to sell your business and want to increase its value? Are you transitioning your business to new ownership or maybe the next generation of your family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re ready. Also, see our blog post about problems here.

Is my business too small for your services?

No, Beck Insights has worked with solopreneurs to improve their internal operations.

Is my business too large for your services?

No, Beck Insights can scale talent to meet your needs.

What should I budget?

Beck Insights is budget and talent flexible for tactical execution. We can work on a project basis and/or a retainer basis to best suit your budget.

Why aren’t there more of you?

There are large consulting firms that provide the same services but due to large overhead expenses are unable to be cost effective for small businesses. Some consulting firms claim to provide “streamlined operations consulting” but they want you to sign up for their payroll or accounting platforms. Beck Insights works with you, learns about your business and how you want your company to run, and designs a solution that fits your needs.

Why is small better than large?

Because you get dedicated service from an experienced professional. Because you don’t have to pay for unnecessary overhead. And because we understand the challenges small businesses face because we encounter them every day.