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Due Diligence

A Private Equity firm was interested in acquiring a portfolio company in a new market for them. As with any private equity investment, the goal was to acquire a company that had the potential to grow and increase the value of their equity investment after 3-5 years so they could sell it for a multiple of the original investment. This investment would be profitable if the company had the potential to improve their operations and grow, but without knowledge of this industry and type of company, the Private Equity firm was unsure if this would be a sound investment. The Private Equity firm worked with Beck Insights to learn more about the industry, the company, and how they run their business. Beck Insights reviewed the confidential investment documentation and performed additional research, then met with the private equity firm and shared the findings, in addition to suggestions on how to improve company business operations to increase the value of their equity investment. The Private Equity firm was then able to confidently bid to acquire this new market company.

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Process Standardization

A brand-new Software Startup was looking to create an ancillary client-requested product derived from the data collected by their software. They needed to create a standardized analysis report to provide richer information for additional client knowledge and potential revenue. However, this small, lean startup was low on experienced employees and the capacity to create this report. The Software Startup Founder & CEO contracted Beck Insights, who provided external knowledge and experience to design the report, working with the internal Software Startup development team and providing valuable insight into what information would benefit clients. The Software Startup received not only a complete client report but also a fully-documented process (including details to repeat the data analysis & charts) which will be able to be repeated for future clients by Beck Insights or Software Startup employees. This report and documentation exceeded Founder & CEO expectations, “this is absolutely wonderful, exactly what I was hoping for. You went above and beyond getting this to the right level of detail and specificity, I am quite pleased.”

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Employee Onboarding

A growing Digital Marketing Firm needed to onboard new employees and educate them about what the Firm does and how they do it. This small Firm was unsure how to share this information with new employees so they could easily understand their culture. The Digital Marketing Firm met with Beck Insights multiple times to document Firm culture and employee expectations, outlining their desired communication results with the new process. In addition, Beck Insights reviewed the Firm’s existing onboarding documentation, procedures, and employee handbook to understand the important messages and incorporate it into the new onboarding document. The Firm now has a standard cultural onboarding document to share the expectations of employees and educate them on how work is done, allowing employees to quickly get up to speed and feel more comfortable in their new roles, and revised employee documents to better align with their current state.