Solid as a Rock

Would you build a skyscraper on a flimsy foundation? Then why would you build your company on one?

Creating standard processes ensures you are delivering the same quality product and/or service to your customers every time. As you grow, it gives you the confidence that you can delegate responsibility to new hires and trust that they’re delivering the right way. It sets a standard that can be repeated, improved, and expanded.

The best way to get new clients is via existing clients. When treated well, they will be your cheerleaders to the outside. When treated poorly, they will be the megaphone through which all complaints are broadcast. Which would you prefer?

Creating and documenting processes isn’t glamorous or fun (for most people). But consider it an insurance policy for rainy days. It will allow you to easily identify areas for improvement and cost reduction. It will allow you to quickly onboard new employees during times of growth and expansion.

Don’t wait until there is a problem – cost overruns, poor customer experience, missed payments – before you set a standard at your company. A flimsy foundation will cause structural problems throughout your entire organization.

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