Do you want to spend your time solving the big things affecting your business? Are you concerned about high employee turnover during this time of low unemployment? Or maybe you want your business to grow? An easy way to address all of these issues is to document processes and align them with company goals.

Employees want to be engaged and learn when they come to work. Daily tasks without meaning can decrease morale and cause employees to start searching for a new job. Sure, there’s always something about a job that people don’t like, but it doesn’t need to be exacerbated by micromanagement and potential for errors.

By documenting processes and aligning them with company goals, employees will be confident that the job they’re doing is helping the company and reduce their stress. Managers don’t need to micromanage because they’re confident employees are doing things correctly the first time. And the small problems will be handled by employees because it’s clear how things are done and where to find answers.

In addition, documenting and streamlining processes will increase employee capacity. This will allow them to solve more complex customer problems, take on more daily tasks, or contribute new ideas that could increase the company’s bottom line. It will also encourage employees to discuss how to do things better and further improve the process.

And, taking things a step further, creating templates or macros to make these tasks even easier will help ensure everything is done correctly the first time and every time. What are you waiting for?

Would you like your employees to focus more on helping customers and spend less time doing and then redoing everyday work? Are you planning to grow and/or worried about employee turnover and how to keep serving clients? Contact Beck Insights (www.beckinsights.com) and we'll work together to determine the right solution for your business.