What does your business plan look like this year? Do you set annual and/or quarterly goals? Are you successful at meeting/exceeding them? As a business leader, are you still in the day-to-day weeds?

You may have a problem if your business is beginning to feel like the movie “Groundhog Day”. If you can’t get yourself out of the weeds, you won’t achieve anything different than last year. For some people, that’s fine. Consistent cash flow and a steady customer base can provide security and stable business. There’s nothing wrong with that and many people would be jealous of your security.

But is that what you really want? If you’re looking to grow and expand or remove yourself from the daily tasks, you might have a problem. If you’re so overwhelmed by serving current customers that you don’t have the capacity to add new customers, you might have a problem. If you’re seeing inconsistent results from employees and must repeatedly step in to correct them, you might have a problem. If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “it’s just easier/faster if I do it”, you might have a problem.

These are just a few things that could indicate you’re having problems. Are you ignoring a problem in your business? Contact Beck Insights ( and we'll work together to determine the right solution for you.