Business is good – your customers are happy, your employees are happy, and you’re happy. Satisfied customers and employees are a good thing. Keeping the status quo and providing quality service and/or products is a great way to keep loyal customers and employees.

But is there anything that can disrupt that happiness? Or a competitor who could make your customers and employees happier and you less happy?

Everyone knows what happened to Blockbuster when Netflix appeared. Life was good for Blockbuster – customers could rent videos and watch movies from the comfort of their own couch. Then DVDs arrived and Netflix found a way to make customers happier – watching movies from the comfort of their couch without having to drive back to a physical location to return the video by a deadline.

Next, streaming movies over the internet became possible and Netflix pivoted again. Customers were even happier to be able to stay on the couch and handle delivery logistics via their remote control or laptop. And Netflix has evolved again – adding original content to keep customers engaged and subscribed beyond movie theater releases and television reruns.

Do you want to be Netflix or Blockbuster? Figure out how to keep moving forward and pleasing customers and employees. They may not realize something is a pain point until you offer an easier solution. Keep evolving the definition of happiness – that’s how you keep customers and employees (and yourself) happy.

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