A rising tide lifts all boats. But is the economy the rising tide or is it your business?

Things are running well and you’re making money. You’re bringing in new clients and customers, your employees are performing well, and your profits are up. Do you know if this is just a result of a robust economy or efficient operations?

I’m sure you think that since your profits have increased and you have more customers, this isn’t the time to make changes. But I believe this is the best time to reevaluate your operations and make changes. Increased profits mean you have more money to invest back in the business – improve technology, standardize and/or implement new processes, or provide more employee training.

Don’t wait for the tide to shift and run your boat aground. Don’t be forced to change because of outside pressure or influence. Make the right changes for your business and customers before it’s an emergency. Remember - the only time windows are boarded up after a hurricane is to prevent looting. Don’t let your business get looted because you were unprepared.

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